Raise the Bar: 5 Helpful Ways to Master Your Skill and Maximize Your Career


If you want to get promoted in your current job, get a new career or explore a new industry, work first on improving yourself, advance your skills, and maximize your career.

Improving your career is essential in achieving success and reaching your full growth potential. It requires time, effort, commitment, and lots of dedication, but surely, it will give you confidence and help you gain visibility in the industry you’re in. It will also boost your confidence and make you better equipped with gratitude to deal with the shower of praises that will inevitably come your way.

If you are someone who is obsessed with personal growth and want to constantly keep making yourself better, you have stumbled upon the perfect article. Read on below for tips on maximizing your career and making your journey easy, productive, and meaningful.

1. Set goals regularly

Goals define our present and make it worth living. Goals also help us look forward to the future in a positive light and have something that lets us wake up the very morning with renewed excitement and vigor. If you want to feel the same, do not forget to set a goal. Putting up a goal will help you stay focused on what you want to achieve, especially your career growth and your trajectory of personal development.

Your goal should be achievable and time-bound. To make it easily achievable, break it down to small habits that you can perform every day and which will eventually lead you towards success in your goal.

To not fall off the bandwagon and lose motivation mid-way, make sure to track your daily progress on a daily habit tracker. This will keep you motivated on your journey of self-improvement and push you to exceed your milestones of the previous day.

Aside from that, have short-term and long-term goals. And above all, make your goals realistic, measurable, and specific. These criteria in making your goal will ensure that you will not get off-track while attaining your career growth. Here are a few examples of relevant areas to make a specific goal:

  • Developing a new skill
  • Learn new business process or get a new assignment
  • Build professional network
  • Complete a large project
  • Earn award and be promoted

2. Challenge yourself

When you challenge yourself, it means you are ready to take on new and more complex assignments or responsibilities. Know that when you stick to doing things repeatedly, rarely, it will challenge you, so always look for something new.

Challenge both your mind and body and make a challenge that is something personal and tailored-fit for you. Challenging yourself means going out of your comfort zone, and you will be sure to come out better at the end of it. Do this often so you have a healthy outlook each morning after waking up, and you feel ready to take on the tribulations of the day.

This will also force you to focus on your journey and calculate how far you have come, rather than comparing yourself to others and being demotivated if someone else reaches higher levels of success than you had hoped for.

3. Be curious about your industry

Create a strong desire to be curious and learn something that adds to your holistic improvement as a person. This will make you more passionate about the work you do, and hence fill you with the fire to constantly achieve greater heights in your career.

Be curious about your industry, the related industries, and the professional opportunities that you can potentially explore or offer you alternative job options. Expand your network and learn from what they do. You can also attend workshops, conferences, or industry-related events.

Being curious does not necessarily change your lifestyle, but it would elaborately contribute to the advancement of yourself and your career. The absence of curiosity can easily fall you into a trap of believing yourself to be an expert in a small space you work or move in.

4. Get organized

Organizing is one of the essential frameworks in strategic management. So whether in the organization or for yourself, being organized is very crucial. Being organized means keeping track of your accomplishments, daily activities, and your progress too.

Also, you can organize by archiving your past works, making a to-do list, or even making inventory updates of your skills and recording them in your resume. Small ways like developing a filing system, digitizing your files, or keeping a record are big wins to becoming organized.

All these will make your organizing easy and help you stay focused, and, most of all, bring you closer to maximizing your career. When you have a clear outlook on where you are headed and how much progress you have made in that direction, your passion will fuel you further ahead and you can keep adding milestones to your journey.

5. Find A Coach

Some people significantly improve when guided by a life coach. A life coach keeps the balance in everything. Whether you are dragging behind or going fast in life, a life coach will help you stay on track.

Also, a life coach encourages you to push hard and work harder, advising you on professional and personal aspects of life. He also mentors, counsels and acts as a consultant on achieving goals and transitions.

Further, a life coach helps analyze potential challenges and help identify limiting beliefs to face a decisive and specific outcome in your career. These are the most common areas in your career that your coach will guide you:

  • Creating personal and professional growth plans
  • Defining goals
  • Identifying vision for
  • Working on financial goal
  • Obtaining work-life balance
  • Learn to communicate effectively
  • Foster powerful connection


Maximizing your career is one of the goals a person can have personally and professionally. You can work on it independently, or you can work with guidance from somebody. To make your journey easier and lighter, keep an eye on yourself; always check the list above and attain success in your career and life.

After all, self-improvement isn’t a destination, it’s a journey. And like all other journeys, every day is bound to be filled with new challenges and even more reasons to celebrate your progress.

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Anangsha Alammyan

Anangsha is a 3-times-Author, an Engineer, and a 2-times-Quora Top Writer. Find her videos on YouTube and Instagram. She is open to gigs: anangsha@pm.me

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Anangsha Alammyan

Anangsha is a 3-times-Author, an Engineer, and a 2-times-Quora Top Writer. Find her videos on YouTube and Instagram. She is open to gigs: anangsha@pm.me

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