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I’m happy because my life is full of challenges. There have been many obstacles I had to overcome, and hopefully, there will be more to deal with in the future. As long as I will have them, I will feel alive even if some of them will hurt me for sure.

Regardless if they are inner, outer, past, or future obstacles, they are the foundations of the persona, I will turn into the next day whether I want or not. If so, let it be. But in this case, I would choose to become stronger and more confident by them rather than let them broke me or dissuade me from my dreams.

However, there are a lot of unknown factors to predict future-me; there are some facts I assume I can control. At least I can try to set up a mindset to learn how to maintain stability daily to boost my life-performance.

“Stability grows as I learn to accept what I cannot control and take control of what I can.”

W. Timothy Gallwey

In short, I try to identify my real outer barriers in contrary to what today’s achievement-oriented society puts in front of me. Not all the obstacles worth dealing with, but those that interfere with my goals are mandatory to resolve.

Referring to the above, let me share my thoughts about the way how I want to address and handle all the external difficulties I will face in the future. As one of my previous posts called “Building self-confidence by clearing the mind” – what was mainly about overcoming inner barriers and learn how to trust myself -, this idea – about getting the better out of outer obstacles – is also inspirited by the book called The Inner Game of Tennis by W. Timothy Gallwey.

The Inner Game of Tennis by W. Timothy Gallwey

Obstacles are our friends

I’m sure that while inner obstacles should be subdued via a positive mindset, changing habits, or starting new habits, outer obstacles can be overcome by applying a unique point of view in terms of our barriers.

The most crucial factor that I want to accept and burn into my brain is that, in fact, my obstacles are my friends. Whatever will happen, obstacles will cooperate with me. They help me grow better or teach me lessons, at least.

Basically, I will win in all scenarios in the long run. As far as I’m concerned, this should be the proper view of them to establish a mindset that gives me enough power and confidence to face them at any time.

Moreover, I want to plant a seed in my skull that the harder an obstacle I can overcome, the stronger I will become. Besides, later it gives me immunity for the next time when I might face the same issue. That time I will be stronger and more confident.

I want to discover my true potential not only by portions of single events but as a measurement of my whole life. When it comes to an end, I want to know who I was rather than wandering who I could have been.

“It is only against the big waves that he is required to use all his skills, all his courage and concentration to overcome; only then can he realize the true limits of his capacities. At that point, he often attains his peak. In other words, the more challenging the obstacle he faces, the greater the opportunity for the surfer to discover and extend his true potential. The potential may have always been within him, but until it is manifested in action, it remains a secret hidden from himself. The obstacles are very necessary ingredients to this process of self-discovery.”

W. Timothy Gallwey

The way of self-discovery

If I’m a different person day by day until the end of my life, then how can I discover myself? I’m not certain, but I have a plan. I will discover myself step by step on the way by challenging myself again and again. I have to try to approach my true potential. I have to set up goals to reach. I have to build a castle in the air.

However, goals indicate obstacles, not the obstacles matter but the reward behind them, which is self-realization. Therefore, I’m ready and happy to face challenges because my identity grows more potent than it was before by subduing difficulties over and over. If I am stuck, I can start having new habits or go back to learn if it is needed to find an authentic self who is more competent.

All I need is a goal, desperation, and endurance for self-discovery. For sure, I will miss beautiful things unless I set up a mindset and lifestyle that support approaching my peak potential.

And there is nothing more important than to live life fullest.

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P.P Write

I read a lot to consider and adopt applicable ideas into my life. I always find some patterns to follow or lessons to learn to perform better. There is always another, a bigger goal to reach or a way to be a better person.

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P.P Write


I read a lot to consider and adopt applicable ideas into my life. I always find some patterns to follow or lessons to learn to perform better. There is always another, a bigger goal to reach or a way to be a better person.

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