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Finding Motivation Through Discipline

Finding motivation through discipline

What comes first, motivation or discipline? Many would say motivation, but the truth is that discipline is needed long before motivation comes into play. Motivation starts many of our journeys; it is how we figure out where we want to go in life, and which paths we want to walk down. But motivation will only take us the first few steps; the majority of our journey will be that of discipline, not...

How Do You Know If You’re An Empath

Empaths in relations

Do you feel immensely influenced by the people’s feelings near you? Are you overly sensitive and feel emotions more than others? You can probably be an empath. How do I know that? Well, it’s because I happen to be an empath too. I didn’t know that term much until one of my friends casually said: “Peter, you’re such an empath.” Then it hit, am I really one? As I...

Signs of burnout from work

Signs of burnout from work

They say being ambitious is the way to success. I have always had the ambition to succeed in the entrepreneurial world. I worked a lot to achieve my goal. However, to reach my desire, I became a workaholic because of my obsession. The human body is made to strive, but there comes a time when it starts to give up. This is what happened to me. I can recall a time in my career when things became...

What is the Purpose of Life and How to Find it

What is the purpose of life

Have you ever listened to anybody talking about having a purpose in their professional or private life? Don’t they feel like a self-help book? When I asked myself, what is the purpose of life? I was skeptical! Although I achieved many of my goals and I still making new ones. I felt more people like me maybe successful apparently, but still don’t know the purpose of life. After...

How Can Motivation Lead You To A Beautiful Destination

Motivation lead you to a beautiful destination

Motivation is derived from the word ‘Motive,’ which means needs, wants, desires inside the people. It is the method of animating individuals to achieve the objectives. In the work objective setting, the mental variables animating individuals’ conduct can be: Want for cash;Victory;Acknowledgment;Work fulfillment;Cooperation, and so on. One of the main elements of the management is to...

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The ‘Don’ts’ Of Your Long-Distance Relationship

Donts of long-distance-relationships

Do you know the difference between Ross’ Rachel (FRIENDS reference if you wonder what I’m talking about) and my wife Adrienn is? She got off the plane, but my wife didn’t (neither I want her to). In the early years of our dating, my girlfriend, now wife, got a fantastic opportunity in London, and therefore she had to spend some years there. I was thrilled for her, but at the...

How Positivity & Self Love can improve your confidence in being social

Confidence of being social

To be perfect in any field always hurts your social life. Lacking social life, especially during college, has a strong connection with low confidence. You become lonely, desperate, and lose your faith in your social skills. You may be very good at studying as a focused and perfect student, but as an individual, you may have no opportunities to build strong friendships; therefore, you feel that...

An Introvert’s Guide to Socialize

An introvert

What is an introvert? Introverts are individuals that do not like big gatherings and prefer small get together and one-on-one activities. We do have fun socializing; it’s just that we prefer quieter parties than loud ones. Also, we may need quite some time to recover after any social activity. When I tell people I am an introvert (well, that’s what the Myers-Briggs test says), people...

Mindful Eating – A Great Way To Fix Your Health

Mindful eating habits

Who doesn’t want to live a healthy life? I guess everyone. But how difficult you find doing workouts and strict diets. No one wants to give up the delicious food in our lives. I am no exception. I really like eating food of happiness; Like Fried chicken, the ultimate chocolate cake. My comfort drink is a fully loaded chocolate milkshake. Sorry, I forgot to mention the ice cream. Do not want...

If You’re Ambitious and Want to Make an Impact, Life Coaching Could Be a Great Career Option

Become a life coach

Do you know that coaching does many things in your life? Whether you are a coach or a client, you would undoubtedly get the many impacts of coaching. When you want to improve on something like a performance, or you want to focus on achieving a professional goal or a specific personal improvement, it is always best to undergo the process of coaching. Also, if you want to develop something that you...

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